Mortgage Advice: How the Housing Market in Bradford Has Changed Over the Past Years

The city of Bradford is located in West Yorkshire about 14 kilometres west of Leeds. With a population of nearly 300,000 people, Bradford is a fast growing community and is right in the middle of a well populated metropolitan area. Bradford has a rich history as an important centre for textiles Bradford wool is especially famous. This city also has some fine examples of Victorian architecture (such as the beautiful City Hall.) Today, Bradford is one of the most sought after locations in the United Kingdom due to its emergence as a prime tourist destination. Considered a world center for film thanks fo its museums, theaters, and parks, Bradford has a rich cultural life. However, like many areas in Northern England, the economic situation is still somewhat difficult, which poses an important opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate. With a well researched of the local housing market, you’ll be able to find some very healthy looking investments.House prices in Bradford have steadily gone down in recent years. However, it is clear that this area is quickly gaining prominence as a cultural and educational center in the United Kingdom. This means that investing in Bradford real estate may make sense in the long term, even if house prices right now are on a downward trend. Some reasons why Bradford may be an attractive place to purchase a home are its great services, low crime rate, and the fact that some of Bradford’s schools are considered among the best in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons to purchase a home in Bradford and there are many resources that can help you find adequate mortgage advice about this particular part of the country.The average house price in Bradford is around 130,000 pounds for a semidetached home. Detached homes average around 255,000 pounds while a flat can be purchased for about 110,000 pounds, depending on the area. These prices are down by almost five percent from last years house prices and, judging from quarterly rates, they continue to go down. In fact, last quarter alone, home prices in Bradford went down by nearly seven percent! Compared to its neighbors, Bradford is not all that different. Taking a look at prices in surrounding areas, Leeds sits at the higher end while Wakefield is in the lower price range. Bradford home prices are solidly in the middle of the pack in this particular part of the United Kingdom.

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