Celebrate Womanhood With Boudoir Photography

According to one artist, “nothing is as beautiful as a woman.” The woman’s body is perhaps the pinnacle of artistic skills and the conclusion of perfection. As such, many people marvel at the beauty of women and wonder at the mystery of such a wonderful creation. This is one of the reasons why most art pieces depict the many facets and aspects of a woman. In fact, the woman is probably the most indulged subject in art pieces.While paintings capture the beauty of a woman according to how the artist sees her; photography captures the woman as she is. One of the most popular forms of photography that captures the sensuality and femininity of a woman is boudoir photography. Such photography is a set of sensual images of women of all ages. Boudoir photography is actually adapted from the word boudoir, which literally means a lady’s private bedroom. As such, anything can be expected in the photography.The main objective of such photography is to celebrate womanhood and release the sensuality in every woman. Moreover, Boudoir photography is the perfect opportunity for a woman to discover and feel her sensuality. Thus, such is taken as unique intimate photography experience that unleashes every tint of femininity in women.There are many professional studios around Europe, specifically in London that specializes in such photography. In fact, these studios offer a wide variety of packages for women to choose from. Each of these studios intends to provide the best boudoir experience that any woman can ask for. Furthermore, different sensual settings and environments are created to cater to special needs and preferences of women. Moreover, Boudoir photography caters to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. As such, there is no practical reason at all why a woman could not have her own Boudoir experience.Being in a Boudoir photography session is not something to feel nervous about. Most Boudoir photography studios employ the services of professionals who take care of all the women’s needs. Everything is thought of in these studios including the make-up, hairstyles, accessories, and even a lingerie collection. Women are coached and advised on the perfect poses that would capture their individual sensuality. To top it all, women can actually change outfits in the photography session to depict different looks.The nice thing about Boudoir photography is that everything is held confidential. No other person sees the images aside from the photographer and the client. The client is given the privilege to view the photos in the private gallery and decides if the photos should be held private or public. Therefore, women are guaranteed with privacy in one of the most celebrated experiences in their womanhood.

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Bodily Injury Insurance – What Does it Cover?

Sixteen year old Sally is southbound on I-5 near Eugene, Oregon. She hears a ring and knows she has just received a text message. After rustling through her purse, she finds her phone and checks the message. Her best friend Jane, back in Washington, has just seen Steven, Sally’s latest crush, at the Vancouver Mall.”Should I talk to him?” Jane wants to know.Sally has to be in Ashland in three hours so stopping is out of the question. And besides, she has no problem texting and driving. She could do it blindfolded.Minutes later Farmer Tom, who is harvesting ryegrass seed, is blindsided by Sally’s red VW bug. Farmer Tom spends five weeks in the hospital and misses the high point of the seed harvesting season.Back home in Vancouver Sally peruses her auto insurance policy and wonders: “BI – Bodily Injury, what does this cover?”The policy says it will “pay damages which an insured becomes legally liable to pay because of bodily injury to others caused by accident resulting from the ownership or use of your car.”Hmm…thinks Sally…what are “damages?”DAMAGES DEFINEDBlack’s Law Dictionary defines damages as “a sum of money awarded to a person because of the [wrongful act] of another.”"OK, so “damages” just means money,” Sally rightfully concludes.”But how do the courts decide what money to award?”TYPES OF DAMAGESDamages, says the Blacks Law Dictionary, come in three broad classes: actual, nominal and punitiveNominal damages are those awarded where a right has been violated but there is no substantial injury. When Sally drove on to the farmer’s field that was a trespass. Had she done so with no loss to the land or equipment or farmer that would have entitled the farmer to nominal damages (usually one dollar) for trespass.Punitive damages also known as exemplary damages are intended to punish the defendant. They may be awarded where the conduct of the defendant was particularly wicked. Had Sally intentionally drove off the road to run over the farmer a jury in Lane County, Oregon might award punitive damages against her.Actual damages also known as compensatory damages are those awarded for actual or real loss or injury. This is what bodily injury insurance most commonly covers. In most auto accident cases, actual damages break down into general damages and special damages.SPECIAL DAMAGESThese, says Blacks Law Dictionary, are the “actual result of the injury complained of, by reason of special circumstances or conditions.” Special damages are easily quantifiable. In a bodily injury case three important special damage components are medical, lost income, and household services.Medical ExpensesThis includes hospital visits, prescriptions, and neck braces. Medical expenses need to be reasonable and necessary. Juries may trim down the medical expenses they consider excessive. If Farmer Tom ran up a $10,000 chiropractic bill the jury might decide he overtreated and cut the bill down to $3,000.Farmer Tom might have a hard time sleeping after the crash and insist on a new mattress prescribed by his family doctor. This would be a hard sell to convince a jury that this was a necessary medical expense relating to the accident.Lost IncomeFarmer Tom hired family members and friends to complete the seed harvest so the crop was not lost. The additional expenses he incurred reduced his profits and so he would have a claim against Sally for lost income. This would be covered by her bodily injury policy.Household ServicesFarmer Tom and his wife are very progressive and so divide up the household tasks. He is responsible for mowing the lawn and washing the cars on Saturday. To replace himself in these tasks Tom had to hire a neighbor boy. The money paid for these services would be recoverable by Tom in a personal injury claim against Sally so this would be covered by her bodily injury policy.GENERAL DAMAGESThese are the difficult to quantify side of bodily injury damages. What is commonly known as “pain and suffering” comes under this category. Loss of enjoyment of life also falls under this category. General damages is often roughly calculated using a multiplier such as 1x, 2x, 3x times the reasonable and necessary medical expenses.ATTORNEY FEESIf you are sued by someone after an accident, your bodily injury coverage will also pay for an attorney to defend you. These lawyers, known as “insurance defense attorneys” will be hired by your insurance company for you.SUMMARYBodily injury coverage protects you if you are sued after causing physical injury to another. The coverage extends to anyone using your car with your permission. Your coverage also protects you if you are driving someone else’s car with permission.The basic elements covered include medical expenses, lost wages, household services, pain and suffering, and attorney fees to hire an attorney to defend you.

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Why Did Automotive Software Change in Recent Years?

In recent years, all automotive software not only changed inside cars, the complete automotive industry had serious changes and had to change to completely new systems. All these new systems came about in a very short period of time and is constantly in a cycle of change.Everything which happens in the world has bad and good within it, so no changes come without any problems. The quick changes of software in cars results in the technicians not keeping up with the new technology. On the other hand, it has made cars safer for humankind and the environment.Just take all the new emission control laws which have come about in recent years. The car manufacturers had to develop new software and the programs in cars which take over the control processes, this is done specially to make the gasses which get released from any vehicle more environmentally friendly.Then something else also happened which forced the software and there programs in the motor industry to change drastically. As everybody knows the world economy suffered one of its worst recessions in recent years. This recession caused banks and financial institutions and even motor dealerships to change their software and programs regarding the sales of cars to suite this situation.We as the public felt this was unfair because it became more difficult for us to get credit from banks to buy a new car. All of these changes caused cars sales to drop to drastically low figures globally.This caused all logistical planning and movements of cars globally to undergo re-planning, which resulted in all manufacturers having to modify their software and programs for controlling these movement and schedules. All this unpredicted changes caused the complete automotive industry to suffer massive decline in sales.These changes started with the production schedules and all the automotive production planning software became outdated and new planning and programming had to take place, for all the changes which came along with the recession. Manufacturers had to change software and programming in cars to make it more affordable to the public, without damaging their brand’s quality standards.All technicians who were working at the dealerships had to upgrade their scan tools in order to be compatible with all the technology changes in cars. Some of this scan tool software couldn’t handle these upgrades and the dealerships and the technician had to replace their diagnostic equipment at a price.They had no other choice than to replace their equipment in order to remain compatible with these major changes which took place in the automotive software field. All of the major banks had to change their software which was controlling their motor finance departments. The banks had to look into the ways by which they were giving credit to their customers in the past.Most of the major banks in the world concluded that they were allowing credit without proper control through their systems. Therefore, the banks had no other choice than to change their software and programs on their systems. These software and programs are responsible for controlling their policies and rules regarding clients and the criteria they will require before qualifying for credit from them.This in term caused the car dealerships to adapt their software and programs in their sales departments to adhere to the new rules and regulations laid down by banks. This brought along major changes in both party’s software as the old software wasn’t up to standard any more in order to be able to handle the new systems which came along due to the recession.Who would ever have thought that something like a world recession could cause the automotive software field to undergo drastic changes such as these? The good which came out of it all was that all parties concerned in the automotive industry had to revise their programs and software in order to be compatible once again.So the recession resulted in all rules and regulations having to be once again converted in order to adhere to a universal law once again, this resulted in more accurate control in the automotive industry and thus was once again good for the greater good.The only negative aspect which came along with all the changes that had to take place in the automotive software field was that all people directly involved with the new automotive software had to adapt and learn the new software. But was that truly negative?

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